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Two factors are particularly important for the success of demanding Online shop projects:

the right e-commerce software and a professional development process.
Smart Magento Development:
our Approach –
your success
Magento is an excellent e-commerce solutions that offers the necessary flexibility thanks to a modern software architecture, an open source approach and a large number of extensions.

In this way, innovative shop projects can be implemented for a wide variety of requirements - from the classic online shop for B2C pure players up to highly customized emotional shopping experiences that look nothing like a standardized ecommerce solution.
Magento or Mage-OS
Choose your Online-Shop System wisely
Magento Open Source by Adobe or community driven Mage-OS? Both versions are freely available.

As E-Commerce-Agency we are committed to Mage-OS, a community-supported version of Magento Open Source that gets additional improvements and new features while still being compatible with the existing Magento Open Source version.

run_as_root sees community work as the driving force, especially in e-commerce. Not only because of this, we strongly believe that with Mage-OS a solid platform is available that helps merchants to grow quickly with innovative technologies.
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Next Level:
Adobe Commerce
With more complex projects, especially in the B2B area, the extended range of services of Adobe Commerce enables fast and reliable project progress.

In addition, Adobe offers a dedicated cloud infrastructure based on AWS or Microsoft Azure for the Commerce Edition, which promises perfect scaling.

In this way, the most demanding e-commerce solutions can be implemented at enterprise level.
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Our Magento trainings include:
  • Practical insights into the Magento platform
  • Expert knowledge from experienced developers
  • Practical exercises and case studies
  • Customisation of the training to your individual needs
  • The opportunity to develop your own Magento extensions
Whether you're an experienced eCommerce manager, shop manager or new to the world of online commerce, our training courses offer you the opportunity to expand your skills and succeed in eCommerce.
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