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Online shop System Training
Discover our customised training courses that will prepare your online shop and your team for the future of digital commerce!
Learn from the best
In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, continuous professional development and practical training are an absolute must. At run_as_root, we offer you exactly that: the added value you need to get your business off to a successful start.

Our trainings are your key to success in e-commerce, because we rely on industry experts who have proven their expertise. Our trainers are not only experienced professionals in their fields, but have also lectured internationally and shared their knowledge with professionals from all over the world.

Benefit from our extensive expertise, experience and best practices to successfully run your business and set new standards in the e-commerce industry.
Magento 2 is a sophisticated eCommerce solution and requires a completely different level of professionalisation than Magento 1.

We offer trainings for different skill levels and different application areas:
Do you want to take your Magento skills to the next level?
Become a Magento master!
Which target group are our Magento trainings aimed at?
The run_as_root offers expert knowledge directly from certified trainers and trains retailers and eCommerce managers to impart the necessary admin knowledge for the daily use of Magento.

We also train shop managers with the skills.

In addition, we make your software developers fit in the (project-specific) Magento topics.

Shopware Training
Shopware has become an important player in the eCommerce market in recent years and is now also holding its own with large shops.

With our in-depth expertise, we help back-end developers to familiarise themselves with the new Shopware 6 framework more quickly, show front-end developers the tricks of the trade for fast and solid project results and support Shopware merchants in getting the most out of their eCommerce solution.
Become a Shopware expert now!
Who are our Shopware trainings for?
Our offer covers all levels of experience, from beginners to experts.
We provide comprehensive support for both developers and retailers in the effective use of Shopware 6.
PHP Training
We teach your team the skills and knowledge required for professional PHP-based software development. Our training courses are customised to your project and tailored to the individual needs of your team. We place particular emphasis on
Deepen your PHP knowledge!
Who are our PHP training courses designed for?
The training courses are aimed at
  • IT managers who want to improve their understanding of object-oriented applications and development processes
  • Software developers who want to do sophisticated programming in PHP
  • PHP professionals who want to improve their ability to develop complex applications
Laravel Training
The PHP web framework Laravel is the unrivalled standard when it comes to the fast, simple and secure implementation of web applications such as online shops.

We impart the necessary knowledge so that development teams can independently develop solid solutions based on the Laravel PHP web framework.

The focus is on backend development (structure, syntax, functions, routing, handling requests), frontend development with the Blade template engine and preparation for Laravel certifications.
Become a Laravel Pro!
Who is our Laravel Training aimed at?
Our Laravel training courses are designed for both newcomers and experienced PHP developers.

As Laravel experts, we have a broad knowledge base and are happy to share our expertise with you.

E-commerce training courses tailored to your needs

Our training courses are suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of knowledge in the e-commerce sector. Whether you are a beginner, want to deepen your skills or are already a professional in the field, we have the right training programme for you. Learn from our experts and master the art of e-commerce.

All advantages at a glance:
  • Worldwide training possible
  • In-person on-site or remote training
  • Flexible course duration
  • Customised content
  • in German or English
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